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Self-Enrichment Counseling & Therapy

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Christopher “Chris” Jones

LPC, LPC-Supervisor

Chris Jones grew up in a small town south of the metroplex. He has managed to remain close to his small town roots (really— he even owns an RV) and enjoys a relaxed lifestyle with his smart, pretty wife (we think he over-achieved) and his two terrific daughters.

After receiving his Bachelors in psychology from Baylor, Chris stuck around for his... Read More

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How Can Self-Enrichment Counseling Help Me Find My Life Purpose?

A major complaint associated with depression is the sensation of being adrift. Crippling sadness can make life seem meaningless, like being buffeted by a directionless force. In physics, the tendency to drift toward chaos is called Entropy; in therapy, we reclassify “psychological drift” as a disconnection from life purpose.

Often, individuals “disconnect” from their life purpose when they settle. For example:

  • When you settle for the drudgery of a job that you despise because it pays the bills
  • When you become “stuck” or “inert” in a destructive relationship because the familiar is secure
  • When you allow risk aversion to prevent yourself from pursuing your dreams or from taking reasonable chances
  • When you convince yourself that you “deserve” what you’re given and don’t aspire to more


Similarly, a common dilemma associated with anxiety is “decision paralysis”. In a world of limitless possibilities, how can you stumble upon the career pathway that best suits your many talents and countless interests?

With self-enrichment counseling, you can reconnect with your life purpose and defeat self-handicapping behaviors or decision paralysis. In addition, self-enrichment counseling can enhance the quality of your professional, interpersonal, recreational, and spiritual life by allowing you to:

Ambition, Career, & Finance

  • Discover a satisfying career that offers unlimited opportunities for professional and personal growth; Pursue your ambitions whether your dreams entail being the best stay-at-home parent you can be, an environmental activist, or a corporate business leader
  • Resolve “stuck” dilemmas at your job related to aggressive or antagonistic supervisors; malicious or catty coworkers; performance or motivational slumps; or advocating for the promotion that you deserve
  • Conquer unexpected financial hurdles and budget for your family’s future (retirements, college funds, dream vacations, and more+!)


Interpersonal & Romantic Relationships

  • Enrich your romantic relationships by breaking free from destructive dating cycles; and deepening your emotional & sexual connection with the “keepers”
  • Reclaim your life after breakups, divorces, infidelity, abuse, trauma, grief, or job loss
  • Expand your social circle and surround yourself with compassionate and motivating influences


Balance, Exploration, Spirituality, & Life Purpose

  • Strike the perfect balance among career, family, romance, and leisure
  • Live a life of self-exploration and achieve self-fulfillment by uncovering new passions and reconnecting with dormant interests (e.g. photography, hiking, bull riding, blogging, etc.)
  • Become a lifelong learner (e.g. pursue your Ph.D. in molecular biology; enroll in a ceramics or wilderness survival class; join a yoga studio, library, or gym; create art at home or embark upon a do-it-yourself renovation project, etc.)
  • Confront quarter-life, mid-life, What am I doing with my life?, and motivational crises, as well as existential dilemmas of larger scope (i.e. What is the meaning of life?)
  • Redefine your spiritual views where distressing ambiguities exist; and find innovative outlets for spiritual discovery and expression

The Lifeologie Difference

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A creative, multi-specialty approach to life’s inevitable difficulties.

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Collaborative care from a team you can trust.

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Client Focused

We evaluate each client’s needs to deliver the best care possible for them.