Brian Webb

NCC Certified, LPC Associate

Supervised by Erin James, LPC-S

Telehealth Provider

Get to know Brian

Brian loves working with adolescents, teens, and adults by creating a safe space for them to be themselves. Brian is warm, non-judgmental, and welcoming. He is a pro at creating a safe space that facilitates holistic healing for his clients. Brian is super motivated to work together with his clients, to help them achieve their goals. He always anchors his approach in the strengths that his clients already have. Brian strives to help his clients increase their self-esteem and become super resilient so that they can overcome obstacles whatever obstacles they’re facing.

Born and raised in Texas, Brian is finishing up his Master’s degree in clinical mental health at the University of North Texas at Dallas. While teaching 6th graders, he realized that the children (and their parents) needed someone who would understand and advocate for their mental health needs. As a teacher and coach, he always felt most passionate about helping others realize their individual strengths. He loved helping others increase their areas of strength and overcome whatever obstacles they were facing. Brian soon realized that pursuing a career in counseling would be rewarding for him because he could focus on his true passion: helping others in their growth.

In his free time, Brian enjoys playing video games, playing basketball, cooking big meals, and watching movies. Also, Brian is family-oriented, enjoys spending time with his wife and young children doing family activities like movie night, board games, and eating at restaurants. He likes traveling to new places around the United States and during football season he cheers for The Dallas Cowboys! Further proof that he’ll stick with you through thick and thin ;)