Elizabeth Tillman

Certified Nutrition, Health, and Life Coach, Certified Personal Trainer

Get to know Elizabeth

Elizabeth Tillman grew up in Grapevine, TX where she spent most of her teenage years competing in softball tournaments across the metroplex. She later went on to graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with her degree in Human Development and Family Sciences. Elizabeth studied at the Health Coach Institute where she received her certifications as a Health and Life Coach. She studied at Precision Nutrition where she received her Level 1 Nutrition Certification. She is currently working on her Level 2 Master Health Coach Certification again with Precision Nutrition. Additionally, Elizabeth has a Personal Trainer Certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM).

After gaining nearly 80 pounds in high school, Elizabeth decided that she wanted to change her habits, improve her health, and lose weight. This led her straight into the arms of the all too common, dieting cycle of restricting food and then secretly and compulsively binge and emotionally eating later. Exercising became an attempt at doing “damage control,” her stress levels were at an all time high, her gut health was terrible, and her sleep was suffering.

She spent nearly a decade consumed with thoughts about food and perpetually planning for the next diet that she would “start tomorrow”. At the age of 26, Elizabeth’s mom passed away after a long battle with mental illness and alcohol addiction. The grief of her loss combined with the pain of her unhealthy habits propelled her to seek out the support of a therapist and health coach.

Learning about holistic health and about how to implement healthy habits that supported her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being was what finally enabled her to break the cycle of binge eating, improve her health, and achieve her goals in a way that was life-enhancing and aligned with her values.

Elizabeth takes a client-centered, values-based, holistic approach to coaching. She believes that the client is the expert of their own body and life and that her job as the coach is to help each client uncover what works best for them so they can make meaningful progress towards their goals. Client autonomy is one of her top values.

Elizabeth begins by helping each client define their Wellness Vision Statement, and then they work together over time to break that vision down into small, tangible, daily actions of the client’s choosing. She understands that health is interdependent on other aspects of life such as relationships, family, work, and finances, which is why she offers health, nutrition, and life coaching.

In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys hanging out at home with her husband and cat, watching sports, gathering ideas for home renovations without ever acting on them, reading fiction novels, and going for walks.