Jessica Latchaw


Telehealth Provider

Get to know Jessica

Jessica specializes in deep work. Jessica uses EMDR (eye movement and desensitization and reprocessing) and ETT (emotional transformation therapy) to help clients experiencing grief, trauma, addictions, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and body image issues. She is also passionate about helping new moms and the LGBTQ community. She believes the relationship between counselor and client is a crucial element in recovery. She strives to create a safe and accepting environment for all her clients and is constantly inspired by the growth that can happen through counseling.

Jessica was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. She grew up in a large extended family, sometimes not even knowing just who that person at the family Christmas party was (it was a cousin, it was always a cousin). Jessica learned early on to be comfortable in chaos and grateful for the many different personalities that came with such a large family.

Jessica left Fort Worth to attend Texas A&M University where she received a Bachelors in International Studies. Unfortunately, during her last year at A&M, her brother was killed in a car accident on his way back to school. This event rocked her family to their core. She noticed how quickly she went into busy mode - helping handle stuff for her parents, putting more on her plate at school, constantly having plans – busy was her new identity. No matter how busy she made herself though, the grief was always there.

After graduation, she moved back to Fort Worth to be closer to family. While moving back home wasn’t exactly what she had planned, it was exactly what she (and her family) needed. Through that time of healing, Jessica began to think about what this new life might look like. Who did she want to be? What did she want to do? She kept coming back to this idea of helping people and eventually landed on counseling. Fast forward a few years and Jessica graduated from the University of North Texas with a Masters of Science in Counseling.

When she is not at work, Jessica loves spending time with her family. She also loves cooking, baking, watching TV and movies, traveling, and laughing as loud as possible.