T. Lilith Beason


Telehealth Provider

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Specializing in trauma work with LGBTQIA+ people, Lilith enjoys helping people move through pain to explore, understand, and develop their gender and sexual identities in a safe, welcoming environment. They also work with anxiety, depression, transgender identity development, OCD and neurodivergence, anger, men’s issues, failure to launch/young adults, and religious abuse. Lilith has a talent for navigating intersectional issues with individuals and couples who need an empathic and supportive perspective.

Lilith works with complex (C-PTSD) and single incident (PTSD) trauma using a scientific and therapeutic model called EMDR. EMDR is a widely researched and supported therapeutic model that helps the brain process and resolve trauma by simulating the brain’s natural memory processing procedure. Trauma often feels as if the memory, or memories, are “stuck” or “frozen” in your head, and operate on triggers associated with the memory. LGBTQ people often experience direct or vicarious trauma as a result of social discrimination, family conflict or rejection, and internalized homophobia, and LGBTQ trauma is often misunderstood or downplayed by both the individual and society. Lilith works with each patient to develop a custom treatment plan, utilizing combinations of EMDR, mindfulness, DBT, Buddhist psychology, and other evidence-based practices to ensure each client feels seen and heard.

Lilith also works with queer couples across the array of relational seasons; including pre- marital, newly married, infidelity, sexless relationships, polyamorous relationships, and transitioning within a relationship. Having a neutral and empathic presence to help navigate new or difficult seasons of a relationship can be a major factor in a relationship’s growth and viability. LGBTQ+ relationships often face additional challenges to heterosexual ones, and Lilith offers a knowledgeable and compassionate approach to LGBTQ+ couple’s therapy.

Lilith received a Master in Counseling from Southern Methodist University, with an emphasis in the LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy track. She received a Bachelor in English Literature from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville.

Lilith grew up just south of Dallas, and has a deep love for Mavericks basketball, movies at Alamo Drafthouse, literature, photography, and walking their dog, Ringo! When she’s not at the office, you can probably catch them reading in the park, or listening to the same music she loved in high school.