McCally Michot

Master's Level Intern

Supervised by Raquel Alcorta, LPC

Telehealth Provider

Get to know McCally

McCally is currently a graduate student in the SMU Master’s in Counseling program. She values open-mindedness and acceptance as the hallmark to her therapeutic environment. She believes that the most authentic work is done when we are vulnerable and find our truest selves.

She values meeting a client at their level of comfort. She acknowledges that each individual differs not only within themselves but also in their comfort level with the process of therapy. She believes therapy should be a space where the client feels comfortable expressing the most intimate details of their mind - things that close loved ones in their life may not even know.

When she is not talking about mental health, she likes to play with her dog, Truffle, or bake something sweet. She is excited to continue her professional development as an intern at Lifeologie!