Meagan Jackson


Telehealth Provider

Get to know Meagan

Looking for someone to help you and your kiddo get along again? Or even just speak the same language?  Yeah, Meagan gets it. She specializes in working with children/teens and their parents, helping them reconnect to increase joy and peace in the home. Meagan is one of those parenting and therapy experts. We can’t believe we snagged her! 

Meagan has always been a traveling lady! Moving around the United States throughout her childhood, she has still never had the same address for more than four years. She has long loved the Lone Star State and has always called it home. 

Meagan has been a traveler in her counseling career too. Starting out at Lifeologie as a baby counselor, she realized that she needed to learn more. She went out into the world and worked in schools, residential facilities, clinics, and homes providing counseling to children and families. Meagan found herself partnering with family courts and CPS. She worked with children who had experienced trauma within their closest relationships. Meagan gained incredible experience working with foster families as well as families in the reunification process. While working with CPS and the courts, Meagan fell in love with impacting children’s lives through the people who love them the most, their families. 

Meagan is a Registered Play Therapist, Certified Nurturing Parenting Facilitator, and Circle of Security Facilitator. She specializes in working with children/teens and supporting parents in the crazy ride they call parenting. Meagan utilizes play therapy with children as well as expressive art therapy with teens to help them make sense of their world in developmentally appropriate ways.

When she isn’t getting messy with paint or supporting caregivers, you can find Meagan hanging out with her wonderful husband and three kiddos!