Nina Sherrod

Qualified Professional

Supervised by Elizabeth Grady, LCMHCS

Get to know Nina

Nina Sherrod has dedicated her adult life to learning about human development and behavior. Nina loves to be “solution focused”, and “figure it out”. Part of what fostered this love of learning was growing up in rural Granville County on a family farm. Her job as the smallest person in the family was to feed all of the baby animals. While she did that, she would teach them little tricks and enjoyed seeing the results! As Nina grew, so did her love of teaching. She has learned over time that with the right support, people can do really incredible things! Her childhood was not an easy one, but it taught her to creatively solve problems and look for ways to adapt and find resolution.

Nina began her higher learning journey at Peace College (now William Peace University), and excelled in the arts. The summer of 2000, she went to Europe to sing in various cathedrals and concert halls. This was a really big deal for someone like Nina who had grown up on a farm, teaching cats, dogs, cows and horses to do tricks! It remains one of her fondest memories! While she still likes to sing and act, she now prefers to sing in the car! At the age of 21 she spent some time in Ecuador, South America. She learned the culture, and the language while she taught English to all age groups. The variety of people who took classes from her taught Nina to be flexible, persistent and creative with learning styles. When she came home from Ecuador, she started teaching people with Autism both in the school system and in the community.

The birth of her daughter in 2005 made Nina think about the struggles she had as a child and she wanted to give her the best life she could. Nina wanted to learn everything about human development that she could. This course of study lent itself well to continuing to teach people with disabilities. She spent a great deal of time with people in their homes, teaching problem solving. As a result, she has developed almost a sixth sense with regard to behavior. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Child Development with a concentration in Health Professions and started working at the Autism Society of North Carolina as a Qualified Professional.

When Nina is not working, she loves to spend time with her family, baking, and eating! She has enjoyed every aspect of her work and looks forward to meeting you and helping you find resolution to your stuck problems. Nina loves helping people figure out what coping skills they have and teaching them new skills to keep in their “toolbox”. She recently and successfully completed Dialectical Behavior Skills training and I can’t wait to share the skills with you and your family!

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