Shea Hesselbacher

LPC Associate

Supervised by Candace Chuyou-Campbell, Ph.D, LPC-S, RPT-S

Telehealth Provider

Get to know Shea

It was an introductory psychology course at Texas State University that confirmed Shea’s passion to work in the mental health field. Shea always knew she wanted to work with kids and adolescents but it wasn’t until learning about counseling, specifically play therapy, that she realized where she belonged. Shea interned at both the Seay Behavioral Health Center in Plano and the Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County before graduating from the University of North Texas at Dallas with a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling focusing on children and adolescents.  

Approach and Style

Shea’s journey was not an easy one with unmanaged and undiagnosed depression, anxiety, and ADHD throughout her life into adulthood.  Leveraging her experiences, Shea wants to help clients gain the knowledge and skill to stand up to the challenges of life but most importantly, let clients know they are not alone in their struggles. 

Shea follows a person-centered and humanistic approach when working with clients, which means working with the client as a whole, and as a unique individual. Every client has the right to empathy and unconditional positive regard. Shea also pulls techniques from other theories such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), gestalt therapy, and solution-focused therapy (SFT), as well as a few others. 

Shea has a passion for using play therapy to help kids navigate their world in a way that they can understand.  Play therapy is a special approach because it allows children to express themselves in their native language of play. Children do not always have the words for different emotions or actions but through play, they are able to communicate clearly. She also knows the value of the parent-child relationship and helps parents understand and learn how to be supportive of their child or teen in therapy. 

Shea moved around a lot growing up and has lived all around the Dallas metroplex area. Her current residence is in North Texas with her fiance and her dog, and she absolutely loves it there.   She appreciates music and reading, reslishes a good live show, watches suspenseful movies and when she gets the chance, likes to be outdoors.  Her happy place is at the beach, but she also enjoys being by any body of water be it a pool, lake, or river.