Stephanie Grizzard

Master's Level Intern

Supervised by Laura Harrison MA, LPC, CCTP, NASM-CNC

Telehealth Provider

Get to know Stephanie

Steph was born and raised in Granbury, Texas and works out of our Richardson location.  Steph has a very eclectic work history and has been a maid, managed a movie theater, ran a car wash, worked in a spa, held several positions in live theater, worked as a flight attendant, and is currently working as a banker. These experiences have created an environment of growth and understanding for her, and she has had the amazing opportunity to be exposed to many cultures and people from all walks of life. Throughout her experiences she has learned about herself and what her calling truly was. 

Steph is the daughter of a police officer and has been exposed to the impact that grief and trauma can have on a person through several people in her life. Through her exposure, she felt a growing need to help and support those around her. She was raised by two parents that always went above and beyond to help anyone in need and this established a drive to help others in her. Steph is planning to obtain training in EMDR and Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), and become a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Once she obtains licensure, training, and certification, Steph plans to specialize in trauma and grief counseling.

Steph’s favorite is Forever Young by Bob Dylan. This song reminds her of the wishes that every parent has for their child and the hopes that are placed on each new generation. It reminds her to strive every day to help others and allow others to help her as the song says, “may you always do for others, let others do for you.” Her second favorite song is Lead With Your Heart by the Tenors. This song has a powerful message to Steph and one that she repeats like a mantra. “If you lead, lead with your heart. It’s the one thing you can trust to always come from love.”