Susanna Huffman


Telehealth Provider

Get to know Susanna

Susanna has been working with youth and families in a professional capacity since 2012. From a young age, Susanna knew she wanted to give back and found a passion in working with individuals at a dual diagnosis treatment center while she was pursuing a degree in psychology and human development & family studies at Colorado State University. This passion sparked a further drive to know more about counseling, so Susanna moved to Texas to pursue a degree in professional counseling from Southern Methodist University where she graduated in 2017. During this time, she expanded her skill sets to work with couples, families, and trauma survivors and sought training as a Gottman level I &II therapist and in EMDR. 

During her professional experience as a therapist, Susanna’s primary specialties have been with adolescents, adults, LGBTQ+ persons, and families who are struggling with substance use disorders, self harming behaviors, mood and anxiety disorders, family of origin issues, PTSD/Trauma, and more. Susanna has served as the Director for several years for non profit work and has overseen multiple teams of counselors where she has provided clinical supervision. 

Susanna has an ever growing love of learning, knowledge, and helping others see their full potential. The work done in therapy with her clients brings a significant amount of meaning to her life and no matter what is brought into the therapy room, Susanna sees this as an opportunity to build a strong relationship to be able to tackle the issues together in a non judgmental and accepting environment. Susanna believes that a genuine, direct, and authentic relationship is the foundation for change and growth and she takes a person centered approach individualized to each client. Susanna holds a firm belief that having a support system in a therapist is an invaluable tool, as experiences that hold significant weight such as early and acute trauma, and major life transitions can have a profound impact on someone. Having struggled in adolescence and early adulthood herself, Susanna sought the help of a therapist who immensely impacted both her life and career path and hopes to give that same gift to others.

Susanna spent the majority of her early years as a competitive ice skater, and has an additional edge of knowing the world of competitive sports/body movement.This experience led Susanna to become a Yoga Instructor and she enjoys movement as one of the best ways to relieve stress! One of Susanna’s favorite things to do is spend time with her Alaskan Klee Kai dog named Khleo (who looks like an 11 pound mini husky) and is hopeful to get her trained to become a therapy dog someday.