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Our collaborative, creative community of therapists is committed to helping adults, teens, children, elders, couples, families find solutions to life’s common – and uncommon – challenges. We offer individual, marital, and family therapy. Play therapy, EMDR, and psychotherapeutic yoga therapy. Professional counseling, mindfulness, and life skills. Our multi-specialty approach will help you and your loved ones get the help you need.

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Nishi Gupta


Durham, NC

Sarah Ryburn Mealer


Austin, TX

Mei Yatco 程梅


Allen, TX

Shuqueta Thomas

LMFT Associate

Richardson, TX

Anna Sutton


Durham, NC

Valerie Dunn

LPC Associate

Cedar Hill, TX

Francesca Poole

Master's Level Intern

Dallas | Oak Cliff, TX

Marie Louise Griffioen

Master's Level Intern

Ada, MI

Eliza Fochler

Counselor Intern

Durham, NC

Kim Morton

Master's Level Intern

Frisco, TX

Maria Reynolds

Master's Level Intern

Durham, NC


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