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Hannah Blanton

Hannah Blanton is a therapist in Dallas TX
Hannah Blanton
Masters Level Intern
Specialties: Anxiety Disorders, Child or Play Therapy, Complex Trauma Recovery, Death & Dying, Depression

Hannah is a master’s level intern who loves people and counts it an honor to be part of the lives of others. She is particularly passionate about working with individuals who have experienced grief, loss, or trauma through talk therapy and/or play therapy. Hannah believes that having a safe, trustworthy space to simply “be” is a significant first step to healing and growth, and she seeks to provide individuals with such a space to do just that.

Her Road Starts in Rome

Hannah was born and raised in the small-ish town of Rome, GA. She attended Samford University in Birmingham, AL where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Life Science. It was in her undergraduate program—as a resident assistant hanging out in a freshman dorm all four years—that Hannah grew in her desire to meet people in their deepest and most meaningful moments of life, and ride that wave with them whatever the nature of it might have been. 

Personal Experiences Fuel Her Approach to Counseling

Hannah has had her own personal experiences with grief and loss. She lost her mother unexpectedly to a health issue at the age of sixteen, and a close friend to suicide a few years later. She understands that certain life events themselves, as well as the aftermath to follow, affects a person. She also believes that hope is available to all individuals, regardless of seeming barriers or tendencies to get “stuck”. Hannah is passionate about meeting individuals at whatever life stage they are in, and walking ways together in a way that is therapeutically helpful and hopeful. 

Hannah enjoys spending her free time traveling, being goofy with friends, being a proud aunt, and planning events. She loves writing, hammocking, attempting to dance, and anytime someone tells a good, cheesy joke. 

Counseling Specialties Include: