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Opportunities at lifeologie

Counseling internships at Lifeologie institute.  Lifeologie institute is a world-class training facility with a multi-specialty, collaborative team approach.  We offer master's level internships, practicum student internships, LPC internships, LMFT internships.  Our supervisors are experienced and LPC and LMFT approved.

How Are We Different?

We shut the place down for three hours every week and discuss cases as a team – with every Lifeologie counselor present – supervisors, senior clinicians, and interns alike. Every case is open for discussion.  No question is too dumb, and every one of us – including senior clinicians – makes use of the experience, ideas, and creative thinking of the rest of the team.

We believe this collaborative method is the ONLY WAY TO GO.

It is the heartfelt goal and mission of Lifeologie to change our world for the better by actively promoting diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice within the Lifeologie family and to extend these values to our communities. It is an imperative in our recruiting and hiring strategy that we draw from a diverse pool of candidates. We strive to ensure that a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives is represented on all of our teams.

Counseling Internships - All Locations

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Fully Licensed Therapist - Midlothian TX

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Clinical Director - Bossier City, LA

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