Lydia Shen


Get to know Lydia

Growing up in a culture where emotions were not permitted much less discussed, Lydia felt something was missing.  She did not know how to articulate it at the time so she coped by playing the role of daughter, sister, and student as perfectly as possible.  Everything appeared okay on the outside but on the inside, she knew she was losing her sense of self.  By eventually finding the words to identify her feelings, Lydia was able to start the path towards freedom.

Lydia completed a master’s degree in cognitive neuroscience and nearly entered a PhD program in the same field while living in Beijing.  When she moved to Dallas, her path was redirected to pursuing biblical counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary.  Her time in the program quickly confirmed a deep-seated passion to become a counselor.  Working directly with people aligned much closer to her goals and desires than working in a lab and analyzing data.

It is important for Lydia to create a safe place for her clients to pause and reflect on circumstances, patterns and motivations in their lives. She thinks of therapy as a client’s opportunity to be heard, understood and accepted.  The real power to change can happen through the relief of emotional distress, insight into feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, regaining hope for the future and so much more.  She believes that needing time and space to sort through things is not being weak; sometimes that's just what it takes to be the best version of oneself.   

Lydia has successfully worked with women of all ages including teenagers and college students. She specializes in depression, anxiety, life transition, trauma, grief and relationship issues.  Her expertise extends to working with couples, and she enjoys helping them reconnect and rekindle lost love.  Her background as an international student shapes her unique ability to help individuals, couples and families through cross-cultural challenges.

Lydia has been married to her wonderful husband Leon for more than 7 years, and they have 2 children, with one on the way!  When she is not counseling, Lydia loves to explore different places to hike and bike with family and friends.  She also enjoys jogging, swimming and simply soaking in nature. 



申秋鸽很擅长在咨询室里给她的来访者创造一个安全和保密的环境:暂停生活中的压力, 反思他们所处的境况,行为模式和动机。 她认为咨询很重要的一方面是给来访者一个被倾听,理解和接纳的机会; 而在这样的安全环境中蕴藏着很宝贵的可能性:痛苦情绪得以释放,对自己的情绪,想法和行为的理解,重新获得喜乐,平安和对未来的盼望等等。