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Marci Orr

Marci Orr is a professional counselor in Oak Cliff near Bishop Arts District
Marci Orr
LPC, LPC Supervisor, Clinical Director
Oak Cliff
Specialties: Assisted Animal Therapy, career counseling, Grief & Loss, Leadership Coaching, Stress Management, Therapy for Therapists, Tweens & Teens, Women's Issues

YOU MATTER! The world is not only impacting you, Guess what? You are impacting this world. I seek to learn what IT is that you care about. Healing? Growth? Transformation? I am here to listen without prejudice and offer you the respect and privacy that you deserve. I begin with questions, not the answers. My belief is that together we can find reconciliation in your life. The reinvention of one’s self is possible! We work together for hope. I believe you can transform your life, transform your relationships, and transform your community.

We are a system. We are connected.

Everything I do as a therapist is taking into consideration that people are not in isolation, on an island, rather part of a much larger system in terms of relationships, families, support systems, work, and environments.

I am thrilled to be part of a team that brings the Lifeologie Counseling franchise to Oak Cliff, where I serve as the Clinical Director, working in collaboration with a group of talented and dedicated therapists. I have experience working with adolescents and adults, who have severe mental health concerns. I have facilitated countless hours of group, family and individual therapy for inpatient behavioral hospitals and intensive outpatient programs and private practice. It is during this experience that I developed an adolescent curriculum, to meet the growing needs of a diverse teen population.

Out of the office: rescue and renew time

When I am not in the office, I am training with my sensei (a rare female sensei-girl power), rescuing dogs off the streets of Oak Cliff, Gracie my therapy assistant, is an Oak Cliff street rescue! My husband and I love hosting neighborhood get-togethers (hubby is an amazing cook), spending time with our nieces and nephews, attending soccer games, football games, plays and dance recitals. My own personal sport is finding the perfect cup of coffee!