Felice Williams

Certified Life Coach

Telehealth Provider

Get to know Felice

Originally from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago, Felice grew up in a large family with 8 siblings - 4 brothers and 4 sisters - so she knows firsthand about family conflict. Living in a household of 11 was her earliest introduction to interpersonal dynamics and how varied it could be. It also fostered a vast curiosity about and a love for all things related to human behavior. Every one of her family members is unique in their own right despite having the same parents and being raised in the same household, so Felice believes in treating everyone as the ‘one of a kind’ individual that they are. She loves people and especially loves learning about and from people, so she considers herself a committed lifelong learner!

Felice moved to the U.S. for undergraduate study in Baltimore, MD, and later moved to Radford, VA to work on her master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She found her niche working on her master’s as it focused on employee workplace behavior and the use of psychological principles to improve the overall work environment for both employees and employers. After graduation, she used her I/O training to work as a Human Resources Consultant at a risk management firm in Washington D.C. After some time, she decided to pursue her doctoral degree in Business Management which complemented her master’s level training, as it focused mainly on human resources management and organizational behavior. 

Felice is a certified life coach and loves working one-on-one with individuals on career advancement, career coping strategies, networking, work motivation, job satisfaction, well-being at work, and stress and burnout among other things. She is also passionate about helping individuals transition from school to work, through midlife changes, or from work to retirement. Her experience also includes working directly with companies to achieve their strategic goals through improved recruitment, selection and placement, training and development, performance measurement, workplace motivation, reward systems, quality of work life, and more.

One of her personal philosophies is that employees are still fundamentally the same individuals that they are outside of work, and employers who understand and value this often get the best out of their employees! Felice’s expertise then includes working with employees as holistic individuals while also simultaneously providing guidance for organizations on employee-related policies and practices which help create value for the company through improved employee performance. 

In her spare time, Felice enjoys experiencing different countries and cultures through travel and food and is an avid music lover of many different genres. She grew up listening to Kenny Rogers and Julio Iglesias every Sunday with her family as her Dad played from his vast collection of records. Being from a large family, Felice also believes in the importance of building community wherever she goes and has now called Shreveport/Bossier home for the last 15 years with her daughter Luka, who is the light of her life!