Therapy Dog

Get to know Gracie

Hi, my name is Gracie! Some folks call me Gracie Girl, Gracie Gray, Grace Grace, or Gracie Bug! One day I was in the middle of a busy street in Oak Cliff, I was dirty, full of those little bugs that are really itchy, and I was scared. Then something AMAZING happened. I was rescued by a nice lady who took me to her home. My new home came with a Mommy, Daddy, older brother named Fletch, and an older (little) sister named Birdie! I couldn't believe how much they loved me! I'll never be able to tell my family what I went through before they found me and took me in, but I do my best every day to show them how grateful I am.

I've been through training at the Dog Training Club of Dallas County and consider myself still a work in progress. What I have realized is that even though I'm not perfect, I know that I am still loved! I have an important job now as a greeter and therapy assistant at Lifeologie Oak Cliff, where my Mommy works.

I took a leap of faith the day I was rescued when I chose to trust in someone! One person can help change your life. Now I get hugs and kisses every day. I learned to never give up and that I am special. Don't you give up either. Remember, you are special just the way you are!