Katy Branchflower

LPC Associate

Supervised by Carma Walker, LPC-S

Telehealth Provider

Get to know Katy

Katy Branchflower grew up in a small town in Northern California but as the saying goes, she got to Texas as soon as she could! At a young age, you could often find her at recess approaching and comforting kids who appeared to be upset or left out by their friend group. By the time her teen years rolled around, Katy began working as an advocate intern for the Victim/Witness office at the local county courthouse.  Her time spent there led to a deep desire to contribute more than representation and resources and ultimately led her to graduate with honors with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology and later, her Master of Science degree in Counseling both at the University of North Texas.

Some difficult life events led Katy to make changes in her life and reinvigorated her decision to become a counselor.  Wrestling through these experiences helped her to better understand, empathize, and admire the courage and vulnerability needed to ask for help and make changes in one’s life. She emphasizes the value in empowering others by assisting them in cultivating their own voice, living more authentically, and promoting positive self-worth.

Katy possesses a special interest working with clients navigating life transitions , family and personal relationships, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum issues, anxiety, depression, stress management, and a general sense of feeling "stuck." She values each client’s unique experiences and concerns while placing a high value on the importance of the therapeutic relationship between the client and counselor. She believes that it is through developing rapport and trust with one another that creates an environment where healing and growth can begin. 

Katy and her young son enjoy a variety of activities outside together, going to the lake, and attending entertainment and sporting events.