Opal Phillips

Master's Level Intern

Supervised by Sarah Taormino, LCPC

Get to know Opal

Opal Phillips received her Bachelor of Fine Arts; Emphasis in Sculpture with a Minor in Psychology from Wichita State University, and is currently earning her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). She primarily works with youth, adolescents, and young adults. She is interested in navigating early developmental transitions, behavioral issues, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, stress management, life transitions, and meaning making. She is also LGBTQ+ and persons with disabilities inclusive. She utilizes elements from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Existentialism Therapy, as she believes they both embody the human experience and acknowledge all components that come with our existence.
She is an artist who is interested in incorporating creative arts into her clinical practice. Arts in medicine is a rising field that is very beneficial for helping those with physical and mental health concerns. Creative Arts can offer new ways of healing through using mediums such as sculpture, painting, drawing, and coloring.
Opal has always been an observant and self aware person, with a natural gift for picking up on other individuals' emotions. She offers empathy, genuineness, compassion, patience, and attentive listening with a safe and welcoming environment. She has always been a reliable and present figure for those in her life, offering patience and compassion for any battle they are facing with no judgment.  With the addition of her own experiences, she knew she was meant to join the field of counseling. She understands what it is like to battle with your thoughts, feel alone, hopeless, confused, and as if you are suffocating as you move through your daily life. She recognizes that it takes strength to acknowledge your current state, courage to reach out, and It can be nerve-wracking asking for help and thinking about the unknown, so she wants to be there for others as they embark on their journey of healing.
In her free time, she enjoys watching anime and reading manga, playing video games, creating art, and attending concerts. She also enjoys spending time with her fiance, participating in activities such as hiking, watching meme compilations, gaming, cooking, or convincing them to nap with her. They are also close to finalizing the adoption of two fur babies: cats named Frankie and Honeydew. Opal is looking forward to getting married soon, and then adding a human baby to her family in the coming years!