Pamela McKenzie

Life Coach

Supervised by Marci Orr, LPC-S

Get to know Pamela

Curious about counseling, but anxious to take the first step? 

Pam McKenzie is a counselor who completely understands that making the decision to start therapy is not always easy, and wants you to know that the results will far outweigh that initial discomfort! Pam is passionate about helping members of the LGBTQ+ community and providing trauma-informed care. She's also committed to supporting couples, adults, and young adults as they navigate life's many challenges, from breakups and career issues to grief and premarital counseling. Pam's approach is personalized, compassionate, and always focused on your unique needs. She's here to listen, guide, and empower you to deal with whatever life throws your way.

Worried what your family or friends might think if you start therapy? 

You’d be surprised how common these concerns are, and how quickly they disappear once you step into your first session! Who doesn’t want to feel less anxious, more confident or have healthier relationships? Pam sees her role as an empathic facilitator, meaning she is a counselor who helps clients unearth some of the reasons behind certain thoughts or behaviors, while working alongside them to define and realize the best versions of themselves. With warmth, empathy, and a dash of humor, she's here to support. 

Pam has a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Amberton University.  She is also a former French teacher with a Master of Arts in French Literature.

Fun Facts:  Pam has traveled and lived many places, bringing a wealth of diverse experiences to her practice.  She loves books and podcasts, and plans vacations around restaurant reservations!