Shannon (Shea) Lollar


Telehealth Provider

Get to know Shannon

When we met Shea and learned about all of her amazing experiences, we snatched her right up.  Shea specializes in trauma counseling. Her experience includes working with people who have endured intimate partner violence, sexual assault or stalking. In addition to trauma, she also enjoys helping individuals struggling with addiction, women’s issues, grief and loss, multicultural and social justice issues, and LGBTQ + and gender concerns. She is also passionate about play therapy and likes helping kiddos. She works with her clients to create a safe space where they can completely be themselves and know that she’s truly there for them. 

Shea was born in San Antonio, Texas and lived there until she moved for college to Corpus Christi, Texas to pursue her Bachelors in Theatre Arts (who knew counselors could major in something besides Psychology?!). Even though she has been in DFW for several years, she is still a devout Spurs fan. 

In young adulthood Shea learned how deeply impacted you could be by someone with an addiction. She lost her mom to her addiction right after finishing college, and Shea quickly earned the family nickname of “the rock”. That is who she became, the rock, the one who handles it, all of it, and isn’t phased by any of it. Then 7 and a half years later, Shea lost her dad to his addiction, and that was when she realized that even rocks could crack. The support she received from her own counselor and her family and friends is what helped start the healing process. She became passionate about helping people through their deepest darkest hours.

Shea graduated with her M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Texas and went on to earn her PhD.

When she is not working with clients, Shea loves to play indoor soccer, spend time with her chosen family, and her pets (2 cats, Piper, and Wyatt…yes they are named after Charmed characters). Shea also loves board games, traveling, anything outdoors, and watching her favorite movies and TV shows. She also has well-documented obsessions with Star Wars and Harry Potter.