Thomas Renner

Certified Life Coach

Telehealth Provider

Get to know Thomas

Thomas Renner is best known for his energy or his “Rennergy.” He is certified Life Coach & entrepreneur helping leaders to energetically express their identity and purpose through internal transformation. He came upon this passion from spending the last 10+ years in the fitness industry helping people transform their bodies but knew there was much more flowing through our body, mind, and spirit

He currently runs his one-on-one and group coaching programs through his company, Rennergy Coaching. He is also a motivational speaker, cycling and yoga instructor, and up-and-coming podcast host on “The Joy in Living.”

Thomas graduated from The Boston Conservatory at Berklee with Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Boston Conservatory at Berklee and from Accomplishment Coaching as an ICF Certified Life and Leadership coach.  He resides in Dallas, TX where he consciously chooses to live out his purpose of freedom and joy daily.