Ty Kuban

LPC Associate

Supervised by Jenny Wang, LPC-S

Get to know Ty

Ty Kuban originally from Nashville, Tennessee, now resides in “Little D,” also known as Denton, Texas. He is married and has two, young daughters. He completed his bachelor’s degree at the University of North Texas and his master’s degree in the counseling program at Dallas Theological Seminary. Ty’s desire to become a counselor came from his own life experiences and hardships of growing up in a broken household with limited resources or help. He knew that one day he wanted to provide others the very help he wished he had during those times.

Ty loves walking alongside families, couples, and individuals to help them find hope and move toward healing in whatever life circumstances they find themselves in. He believes that no one talks more to us than we talk to ourselves. We are constantly talking and giving ourselves messages throughout our day, both good and bad. It is how we talk to ourselves that will ultimately influence and shape our beliefs, behaviors and actions towards ourselves, spouses, family, friends and co-workers.

It is important for Ty that he establish an alliance built on trust.  This means he collaborates with clients to create purposeful goals that bring about greater understanding and resolve within his client’s own life, family and social system. He believes that just one individual’s willingness to change can ultimately have a ripple effect throughout an entire community. His approach to the therapeutic process aims to provide a space that encourages openness, honesty and hope; he considers it a privilege to be with and provide care in a client’s greatest time of need.

His sweet spot is helping to build strong relationships across couples and families, as well as at work and in other arenas.  He is certified in both Prepare/Enrich and RelateStrong, trainings that are focused on that very thing.

In his free time, Ty loves to travel and spend time with his wife and children. He also enjoys playing pick-up basketball with friends, drinking a Topo Chico (with lime), eating dark chocolate and watching the Tennessee Titans (Titan Up!).