Midlothian Happenings

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Emotions Workshop for Kids

Are you happy? Are you sad? Emotions are a normal part of being but we don’t think much about them in everyday life. Emotions are an important part of how we interact with those around us, they...

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Self Care for Educators

group sessions all about self care! As educators, prioritizing self care is the last thing on our minds. We work hard and give all that we have only to find ourselves facing burn out because we fail...

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Adjusting to Change | Childrens Group Sessions

Summer Group for Kids struggling with change Life changes all of the time, to us and around us. When we’re young, and have less “say” in what can happen in our lives and that can be hard!

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Boys Anger Group

helping boys develop healthy ways of expressing their anger Do you know a boy (ages 8-12) who is:

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Navigating Spiritual Hurt | Group Sessions

A come as you are open process group Come together and work through the emotional pain of being spiritually wounded. Engage in judgment free group discussions, while gaining support and feedback is a...