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Lifeologie Counseling was founded in 2000 with one goal in mind — to bring a fresh, innovative approach to the everyday problems of life. Creative solutions to stuck problems®.

With our unique multi-specialty, collaborative approach, Lifeologie helps individuals, couples, and families heal even the deepest wounds and break out of old, unhealthy patterns to live full, meaningful lives through talk therapymedication management, or a combination of both.

The Lifeologie world-class training facility nurtures and matures clinicians who carry forward a commitment to our core values: creativity, collaboration, and exceptional client care.

At Lifeologie Counseling Henderson, our therapists are here to support you in your journey toward optimal mental and relational health. At Lifeologie, you can expect superior clinical care steeped in thoughtfulness, passion, empathy, enthusiasm, motivation, and empowerment.

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