A Year in Yoga

A Year in Yoga

Last January 2022, I decided to commit to a daily practice of yoga. I was not interested in going to a studio, I knew myself and it needed to be accessible from the comforts of my home.  I tried a few instructors on YouTube who offer free yoga.  I landed with Kassandra, as I appreciated her attention to detail in her instruction.  Initially, as most of us do, I wanted to commit to six to seven mornings per week.  I gave myself grace if I missed a morning and would make it up the next. I have had weeks of four days on, three days off, five days on, and two days off. I wanted to make this workable with a measure of sticktoitiveness!  

Conquering the Monkey Mind

The first thing I noticed, was my monkey mind in the morning, swirling around with all the things I had to do for the day. Should I check emails, talk with a friend, journal, meditate, read, breakfast, when should I eat breakfast? I was all over the place! I wasn’t always in the mood for yoga, so I would turn on a lamp, turn on my diffuser with a citrus type of essential oil, and invite myself into the space. I would then roll out my mat, search Yoga with Kassandra and commit to thirty minutes. I noticed my thoughts were increasingly clearer and I became more focused afterwards.

Bye Bye Anxiety

Within a few months, I noticed that my anxiety had significantly reduced.  This was unexpected.  I didn’t realize how much anxiety I was dealing with on a daily basis until I felt the absence of that anxiety. I noticed that in the mornings when I did not get to my yoga mat, I felt restless in my thoughts and in my body throughout that day. I began to feel the strength mounting in my legs and shoulders. I tuned in to my body in a way I had never done before.  I reached out to the founder of Lifeologie’s Lispy School, Melanie Wells, and said to her, “Why have I not done yoga sooner, this is a GAME CHANGER!” 


This year I plan to up my yoga game by committing to an hour each morning versus the thirty minutes I accomplished last year! I encourage anyone out there to try free yoga at home or join a class to challenge themselves from time to time. If you love it, find a studio to join!  If you find that yoga is not for you, then begin a walking routine for mental clarity, weight loss, and strengthening, whatever your goals may be, you can accomplish them, little by little, day by day.  Onward and Upward my friends!


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