Here’s Our Holiday Gift Guide for Great Mental Health

Giving yourself good mental health through mindfulness, meditation, or a positive therapeutic relationship with a counselor is a gift that can last all year long. Share the gift of self-care with the people in your life who support your wellness journey with our favorite indulgences of the year!

Your Spiritual Soul Sister

She knows what you’re thinking without either of you saying a word, is always up for a hot new yoga class, and makes the best playlists for cross-country road trips. Say thanks with a gratitude journal, perfect for recording small memories and daily intentions. Any blank book will do, especially if you write a personal inscription inside, or you can check out the Little Daily Thanks gratitude journal from Papier.

Bonus Points: Fan out the love with this simple affirmation deck from Revolve that honors our mind and soul and also focuses on body-positive messages.

Your Favorite Insomniac

It’s so important to have a friend who picks up your distress call late at night and listens to you laugh, cry, rage, or ramble. But if your late night watch parties leave you feeling better while she’s wound up, maybe some melatonin or magnesium can help. Take it up a notch from traditional tablets with Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om powder packets, designed to drop in a glass of water so you can stay hydrated and sleep deep with melatonin, magnesium, and L-theanine, They’re flavored with organic blackberry and zero sugar to slip you into sweet dreams.

Bonus Points: Add a weighted eye mask to keep the zzzzs coming and counteract the morning’s bright light!

Your Burnt Out Bestie

Somehow, it’s the end of the year, and you haven’t seen your best friend in ages! Work, family and other obligations keep popping up. Make a date that’s easy to attend, like a walk on your day off or meeting up on a park bench for coffee near her office. Then treat yourself and your friend to a bit of luxury and stress management with these lavender shower steamers from Body Restore!

Bonus Points: Keep her peepers protected with these stylish blue-light blocking glasses from DIFF charitable eyewear. For every purchase of a pair of glasses, DIFF donates a pair to a person in need or provides sight-saving treatments such as eye exams, surgeries, and medicine through their collaboration with Sight Savers. So far, they’ve helped more than 3 million people across the globe.

Your Perfect Pet (or Emotional Support Animal)

Our animals bring us so much comfort and relaxation that petting them actually lowers blood pressure, reduces surging levels of cortisol, and releases oxytocin, the “feel good” hormone. Now Sit! And pamper your pet or hard working service or support animal with a few of these treats you can buy with the click of a mouse.

Start the day off with shampoo designed by the hair experts at Ouai, pioneers of products designed to detangle, clean and shine. Your pup will be perfumed with their classic Mercer Street scent, a blend of Italian lemon, Turkish rose, jasmine, iris, lily, and white musk.

Once your snugglepuppy smells nice and fresh, add a cozy comfort blanket like this one. Dogs like laying on them as much as being wrapped up in them. Its waterproof design keeps messes contained on the washable surface –  and off your sofa.

Bonus Points: Unleash your adult dog’s inner child with pupsicle pops, long-lasting healthy treats that fit inside a challenging but satisfying puzzle that keeps them engaged and entertained.

Your Favorite WorryWart

What about that friend who can’t make her mind or body stay still? Sign up for a meditation movement or restorative yoga class together (like the ones at your local YMCA or YogaZama Studio in Dallas) or tap into her inner child at the kitchen table with Anul Therapy Dough. Scented with essential oils and modeled after the high-quality materials used by professional art therapists, this dough smells amazing, feels great, and is an excellent way to deal with challenging emotions. 

Bonus Points: This beautiful fidget ring from celebrity favorite brand Pura Vida is a lovely way to put your friend’s mind and fingers at ease.

The Person Who Has Everything

Taking the time to write down how much someone means to you is something we often intend but don’t always deliver. Order some handmade cards from the artisans at Etsy and any message you write will be beautifully received.

Bonus Points: There’s always chocolate. Condor Chocolates, run by two brothers born and raised in Athens, Georgia, celebrates Ecuador, their mother’s homeland and the origin of the fine cacao that flavors their amazing treats. 

Take time for others, make time for yourself, and have a happy, healthy new year.

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