The Enneagram is a personality system based on nine personality types and anchored in three centers of intelligence that determine how we take in and process information from the world around us. It is a highly accurate typology that can provide an understanding of ourselves, and a path for self-development. 

The Enneagram helps us identify habitual patterns, blind spots, and ego-driven behavior. We must first understand that we experience life through how we feel, think, and act. We think and analyze using our head, we feel emotions and connect with others using our heart, and we experience life through the 5 senses of our body. Oftentimes, we are off balance or overworked in one of these three areas, causing an imbalance in our lives. The Enneagram helps to identify which area is overworked, and as a tool can help us become more aware of and address the imbalance.

Each of the nine personality types can be explained in terms of habitual patterns and motivations that are often unconscious. We develop these unconscious habits to avoid pain and discomfort in our lives, and they can be hard to acknowledge and move beyond. We keep wanting to know “why we do the things we do” but lack awareness of how to understand these unconscious habits, which is exactly where exploring how we fit into the Enneagram personality types can help us understand our core motivations and patterns.

Treatment Applications

  • understanding personal identity
  • stress management
  • anxiety & depression
  • work & career issues
  • interpersonal relationships
  • grief

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