Binge-drinking on the weekend? Popping a few pills to get by? When does substance use qualify as substance abuse? Substance use becomes substance abuse when you use those substances in place of healthier coping skills and when your urges are compulsive and self-destructive. This spans the range from drinking, using drugs, and gambling to exercising, shopping, gaming, or engaging in self-destructive sexual behavior. 

Substance abuse transforms into addiction when the user develops a physiological and psychological dependence on the drug or behavior. If you find yourself escalating your behavior to repeatedly attain a more intense high, you may be experiencing addiction.

Many individuals who abuse drugs or alcohol or engage in self-destructive behaviors often have a co-occurring psychological condition that encourages substance use as a method of self-medication to cope with the distressing symptoms of the original condition. Effective counseling for addiction can identify underlying conditions — whether anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, sexual or physical trauma, etc. — and challenge assumptions about the effectiveness of the substance as a valid coping mechanism.

A therapist will help a person evaluate how their substance use affects them (and others around them) and help the person identify effective alternatives for coping.

Signs and Symptoms

  • concealing substances
  • seeking out more intense highs
  • social withdrawal
  • legal involvement
  • missing payments
  • disheveled appearance
  • memory/hallucinatory disturbances

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