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Is It Depression?

Is it depression or are you just sad, lonely or blue?

Depression symptoms & signs

Take our depression test to find out if it’s just the blues or if you have depression symptoms.  If you have depression symptoms, you could benefit from depression counseling!

Depression symptoms

1) Have you been in a depressed mood most of the day, nearly every day for a couple of weeks or more?

2) Have you lost interest in fun and pleasurable activities, nearly every day for at least two weeks?

3) Have you experienced a significant weight change recently?

4) Has your appetite changed (increased or decreased) for an extended period?

5) Have your sleep habits changed in the last few weeks?

7) Have you had feelings of excessive guilt or feelings of worthlessness recently?

9) Have you had any thoughts of death or any thoughts of suicide?

10) Have you recently had a baby (post-partum depression)?

11) Did the depressed mood begin within four weeks of giving birth?

Did you respond yes to either question 1 or 2?

If so, you may be in the beginning stages of depression, but if other signs are not present, you might just have the blues. A recent event may have triggered your sadness. In all of these cases, therapy can help. If you are prone to dips in mood, or if your symptoms become more severe, you may be a candidate for medication as well as therapy.

Did you answer yes four or more times in questions 3-9 or 12?

If so, you may have a clinically diagnosable depression. It is important to get help quickly. Severe and chronic depression can become self-sustaining. Early intervention is crucial!

Did you answer yes to question 9?

If so, you are experiencing suicidal ideation.  We urge you to get help immediately. Depression is temporary. Suicide is permanent!

Did you respond yes to question 10?

If so, you may be experiencing post-partum depression. Post-partum depression can be serious. Counseling can help. We can work closely with your OB-GYN to address your symptoms.

Depression is a treatable condition. Psychotherapy, lifestyle changes such as exercise and healthy eating, and experiential therapies like yoga therapy and meditation/ mindfulness  can help tremendously.


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