Registered Therapy Dog

Get to know George

George is our newest and perhaps most intuitive canine team member.  George was rescued from the euthanasia list at a local shelter after an animal control officer found him wandering the streets of south Dallas in the winter. Too terrified even to be handled, George landed himself on the "EU; rescue ONLY" list by snarling and refusing to come out of the corner of his kennel. Our founder, Melanie Wells, has a heart for these "lost cause" dogs and tagged him through her nonprofit The DAWG Project.  Before becoming Melanie's foster dog, George had never been inside or even seen a bowl or a toy.  After a few days of hiding behind the couch cushions, he discovered the concept of safety and has been blooming ever since.

No stranger to anxiety, George is cautious with new people (as is anyone who suffers from anxiety and PTSD!)  Once he's determined you're safe, he'll make sure YOU feel safe as well.   If you need a snuggle, he's there for you!

Pro tip: bring your own lint roller ;)