John Darby


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John Darby grew up in a military family that traveled the world. His maternal grandparent’s home at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains served as home base between his father’s many duty calls. He returned to South Carolina later in life to earn his Master’s Degree in Counseling from Clemson University. He is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor who works out of Lifeologie’s Richardson location.

John works with older teens and adults who are dealing with substance abuse, drug addiction and/or behavioral addictions.

John works to help clients help themselves through potential relapse situations such as negative emotions, interpersonal conflict, or social pressure. It is by addressing his own addiction and that of a number of family members that John developed an interest in Addiction Counseling. In addition to his academic qualifications and years as an addiction counselor John also brings an understanding from his personal road of recovery. In John’s professional experiences he has worked with clients with addiction concerns in Intensive Outpatient settings, within ministry that serves persons that are homeless, and in residential treatment. All settings included individual counseling and group counseling which outlined how persons fall into addiction and the characteristics of those who develop and follow strategies to break away from their dependencies.

His technique for identifying high risk situations that interfere with the creation, implementation, and maintenance of recovery is to take a personal history of addictive behavior and a recovery and relapse history. Using, in part, Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy John and the client develop an adaptive Recovery Plan tailored to the individual.

John finds great joy in his twin godchildren. He was there the day they were born and continues to be involved in their daily lives. To relax, he not only enjoys reading historical fiction but is passionate about the history of music from the fifties and sixties.