Rosann Raftery


Telehealth Provider

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Get to know Rosann

When you think about your relationship, do you ever wonder “how did we get here?!” If so, then Rosann is definitely the counselor you should meet with. She is a firm believer that each relationship we have impacts us in one way or another because, well… they do! Rosann specializes in working with individuals, couples, and families - to assist them in building their communication skills, healing, and strengthening their relationships when needed. She is especially passionate about pre-engagement or premarital counseling, divorce recovery, open relationships, women balancing life, whether it’s at home, work, or both, individuals experiencing anxiety or depression, and working with people of the LGBTQ+ community. Rosann is also trained in utilizing EMDR to fit your needs. If you’re unfamiliar with EMDR, feel free to ask her about it and how it could benefit you!

Making your unique process comfortable

For Rosann, being a counselor means walking alongside clients through a powerful journey, and she finds it to be a major honor to join people along the way. It is rare that people seek therapy when things are going amazingly well, and because it can be such a difficult time for someone to reach out, Rosann holds this close to her heart. She believes that each person’s journey looks unique and is different, and Rosann is committed to making each step of the process as comfortable as possible for her clients.

A journey that began as a teen

Rosann grew up in the Detroit area, and after her first psychology class in high school, she was hooked on how people function and how the mind works. She made her way to Central Michigan University in pursuit of learning more about psychology and families. After undergrad, Rosann worked with children with autism for a few years then decided to attend graduate school at Western Michigan University to focus on counseling and marriage and family therapy…. Central and then Western?! Yeah, she knows about the HUGE rivalry and you’ll have to ask her what side she’s on! Although she misses the major sports teams of Detroit – even when they struggle (hey, we ALL do at some point!) – she is LOVING west Michigan.

Exercise, Relaxation, Good Food

Besides lying on the beach and soaking in the sun, Rosann enjoys SUP boarding! You can even catch her on Reed’s Lake with her paddleboard in the summers. She also loves curling up at home with a cup of tea, a movie, or a good book. Rosann enjoys checking out all the upcoming places all over west Michigan and all of the great new restaurants that pop up.

Rosann is a wife to a loving, supportive husband who works as a sales engineer. Even though they have very different careers, they share a love for their families, friends, the outdoors, and traveling. Rosann and her husband have two young boys and are diving into the early stages of parenthood together… which can be a bit of floating, sinking, or keeping a strong pace – as parenthood is ALL of the things. Their sons keep them on their toes and they wouldn’t have it any other way! Being a mother now, Rosann definitely has a different lens of life, herself, and others.