Shelby Negro


Supervised by Rosann Raftery, LPC

Telehealth Available

Get to know Shelby

Do you struggle with anxiety? Maybe your heart races, you're experiencing intrusive thoughts, or struggling with low self-esteem? Do you ever find yourself depressed or feeling inadequate? Maybe you're feeling defeated and can't vocalize the discomfort you have, but you know you feel stuck. If you don’t have the accurate language to identify nor communicate how you’re feeling, it’s challenging to ask for the specific support you need or manage emotions in a productive manner. It can be exhausting trying to navigate such powerful emotions on your own! 

Shelby uses a collaborative approach as she believes clients are the experts of their lives and already have the internal resources needed for healing. Sometimes, this “knowing” can be hidden under layers of doubt or self-protection. Shelby is passionate about exploring these layers with clients and working together to put specific language to their experiences, as language is a portal to healing!

In addition to anxiety, depression, trauma, and low self-esteem, Shelby is passionate about working with those who have chronic pain and somatic symptom disorders. She strives towards helping others build up their insight and self-awareness which allows them to develop healthier and more effective coping skills to better manage life stressors.

Shelby grew up in Marine City, Michigan. Her hometown is beautiful, but being a small town, residents did not have much access to mental health resources, and it also lacked the diversity Shelby was looking for in her environment. As such, she moved across the state to attend Grand Valley State University to earn her bachelor’s degree in psychology. During this period of time, she worked at a behavioral health facility and psychiatric hospital, and took pride in advocating for the underserved and vulnerable populations. Shortly after, she became a graduate student at Western Michigan University and began working at Helen Devos Children’s Hospital as a psychometrist, focusing on assessment and evaluation.

In her free time, Shelby loves spending time with her husband and puppy, traveling and exploring new areas, being around a body of water, camping, and just being outside! 99% of the time she can be found rewatching every episode of Friends. To use the words of dear Ross, Shelby can help you “PIVOT!” whatever you need to adjust in life.

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