Veronica Blaze

Owner, MSIO

Telehealth Provider

Get to know Veronica

Veronica is a Shreveport, Louisiana native who earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from LA Tech University, and a Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Grand Canyon University. Since beginning her career, Veronica has worked with adolescents and adults, specializing in trauma and crisis management. Throughout her therapy career, Veronica has developed skills in neuropsychological evaluation, outpatient community services, and re-entry transitional services.

Her therapy style is to remain conversant in knowledge of available resources and effective coping skills that are necessary to maintain mutual rapport with her clients. While working as an onboarding trainer for a local rehabilitation center, Veronica recognized a greater need for specialized training within the mental and behavioral health industry. This led her to open Lifeologie Counseling Institute, located in Shreveport, LA, in October, 2022. Lifeologie fulfills the need for, support of licensed and skilled counseling professionals; as well as creating a holistic approach of wellness to residents of Northwest Louisiana. Veronica is passionate in advocating for individuals who seek a healthy environment for healing and improving their socioeconomic status.

She is the owner of Residual Care, LLC where she has worked tirelessly with teens and young adults who may be in transitional seasons or are in overwhelming situations in their lives. Veronica is an active LCA member and serves on the LMCHA Advisory Board. She is a 2022-23 Cohort Member of LPHI Racial and Health Equity Learning Lab, and a 2022 participant of the SBAACC Administrative Professionals Academy Cohort 1.

In her downtime, Veronica enjoys spending quality time with her children, traveling, DIY crafting, reading, and encouraging diversity in dance (ballet) and theater arts as co-founder of Brown Girls en Pointe, LLC. Veronica is dedicated to improving negative perceptions of mental illnesses and behavioral health. Her aphorism is “Be the difference that matters.”