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Julia Vogel

Julia Vogel, therapist, grand rapids
Julia Vogel
Life Coach
Grand Rapids, MI
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Specialties: Blended Families, Bullying, Family Issues, Parenting, Tweens & Teens

If you are looking for someone who really understands kids (and can help YOU understand yours), Julia is your girl!  Julia works with kids and their parents through tough times like struggles with schooling, divorce, general anxiety and depressive symptoms. She enjoys helping children learn how to identify their struggles and how to manage them in a way that works.  She also has lots of experience working within the school system, coming alongside parents and teachers who are struggling with school related frustrations. She has also provided ABA therapy to kiddos with autism

Julia grew up in the Metro Detroit area.  She moved to Grand Rapids to pursue her education in Psychology, Sociology and Spanish and is now completing her Masters in Clinical Social Work through Michigan State University. Julia is working towards a School Social Work Certificate as part of this program. 

Prior to the global pandemic, Julia’s favorite pass times included working out at Orange Theory Fitness and attending as many concerts as possible. Both then and now, she enjoys discovering new music, exploring spirituality, and hanging out at home with her cats Turbo & Spritz, and visiting friends and family.