10 Marriage Tips from a Divorce Attorney

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Marriage can be the best and the hardest thing you’ve ever done. The relationship can start off wonderfully, and then sometimes life hits hard and things change; the glamor fades. You change, your spouse changes, something in your marriage shifts.

Marriage counseling is for couples in any and all stages of marriage. Maybe you feel like it’s coming to an end; maybe it’s just a small hiccup; maybe you’re going through some transitions and want someone to help you walk the new path. Each person will cope differently with the changes; a counselor can teach you both healthy coping strategies and communication tools.

Regardless of what brings you in, marriage counseling will help to create a safe space for both of you to talk about difficult things. It will take work, love, and intentionality to come together and recreate your marriage. These 10 tips from a divorce attorney are a great place to start being intentional in your marriage.

Here are the 10 tips for a good marriage from a divorce attorney*:

  1. Express appreciation for your spouse.
  2. Have a consistent date night.
  3. Always clarify before you crucify, when communicating.
  4. Have sex with your spouse, regularly.
  5. Learn and practice your spouse’s love languages.
  6. Have a common interest outside of family commitments.
  7. Don’t enable bad habits.
  8. Reach enthusiastic agreements.
  9. Share your money.
  10. Go to marriage seminars and/or marriage counseling, even when things are great.

*Source: Albin Roach Attorneys, albinroach.com

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