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Did you know that suicide is in the top ten causes of death for every age group except over 65? Including ages 5-8. Let that sink in. Suicidal ideation — or rumination about suicide — is much more common than you think. 

Most people have periods of feeling discouraged and down. When that common feeling reaches the level of despair and hopelessness, when it seems there’s no end in sight and there are no solutions, thoughts of suicide often creep in. Sometimes these thoughts are fleeting or mild. Sometimes they become severe and persistent. 

When should you be concerned about suicidal ideation? The short answer is always. Any thought of suicide is something to take seriously and a reason to seek counseling. But there are some indicators that can help you assess the severity of suicidal thoughts. A key factor is hyper focus on method. If a person begins to fixate on HOW they might kill themselves, they should seek help immediately. A note of hope: studies show that injecting as little as an hour between impulse an opportunity drops the suicide rate by 95%. If you or someone you know is suicidal, get rid of any opportunity (give the gun away, have a friend clean out the medicine cabinet) and call for therapy immediately. Your life is worth it. And the world is better off with you in it.

Signs and Symptoms

  • increased substance use
  • increasingly unstable relationships 
  • increasingly unstable or depressed mood
  • calling loved ones with goodbye messages
  • feelings of hopelessness
  • formulating a suicide plan
  • giving away possessions
  • sudden sense of agitation or peace, indicating a decision has been made

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