[{child_photo=https://8544614.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/8544614/Counselor%20Photos/Marissa%20Caton%20(Wilson)/marissa-wilson-child.jpg, add_to_website=Yes, counselor_name=Marissa Caton (Wilson), page_slug=marissa-caton-wilson, adult_photo=https://8544614.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/8544614/Counselor%20Photos/Marissa%20Caton%20(Wilson)/marissa-wilson-counselor-in-gr.png, page_title=Marissa Caton | Lifeologie Counselor | Grand Rapids, MI, id=1283184277, title=LMSW}, {child_photo=https://8544614.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/8544614/Counselor%20Photos/Linda%20Graham/linda-graham-child.jpg, add_to_website=Yes, counselor_name=Linda Graham, page_slug=linda-graham, adult_photo=https://8544614.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/8544614/Counselor%20Photos/Linda%20Graham/linda-graham-adult.jpg, page_title=Linda Graham | Lifeologie Counselor | Oak Cliff, TX, abbreviated_title=LPC, id=1283704586, title=LPC}, {child_photo=https://8544614.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/8544614/Counselor%20Photos/Courtney%20Callaway/courtney-calloway-child.jpg, add_to_website=Yes, counselor_name=Courtney Callaway Ball, page_slug=courtney-callaway-ball, adult_photo=https://8544614.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/8544614/Counselor%20Photos/Courtney%20Callaway/courtney-callaway-adult.jpg, page_title=Courtney Callaway Ball | Lifeologie Counselor | Dallas, TX, abbreviated_title=LPC, id=1283646537, title=LPC}, {child_photo=https://8544614.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/8544614/Counselor%20Photos/Ali%20Haji/ali-haji-child.jpg, add_to_website=Yes, counselor_name=Ali Haji, page_slug=ali-haji, adult_photo=https://8544614.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/8544614/Counselor%20Photos/Ali%20Haji/ali-haji-adult.jpg, page_title=Ali Haji | Lifeologie Counselor | Dallas, TX, abbreviated_title=LPC, id=1283686776, title=LPC, NCC, CTP, EMDR-Trained, RYT-200, PYC-200}, {child_photo=https://8544614.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/8544614/Counselor%20Photos/Amber%20Ambriz/amber-ambriz-child.jpg, add_to_website=Yes, counselor_name=Amber Ambriz, page_slug=amber-ambriz, adult_photo=https://8544614.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/8544614/Counselor%20Photos/Amber%20Ambriz/amber-ambriz-adult.jpg, page_title=Amber Ambriz | Lifeologie Counselor | Dallas, TX, abbreviated_title=LPC, id=1283743910, title=LPC, RYT, PYT, SEP}, {child_photo=https://8544614.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/8544614/Counselor%20Photos/Ashley%20Wolffarth/ashley-wolffarth-therapist-in-fort-worth.png, add_to_website=Yes, counselor_name=Ashley Wolffarth, page_slug=ashley-wolffarth, adult_photo=https://8544614.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/8544614/Counselor%20Photos/Ashley%20Wolffarth/ashley-wolffarth-counselor-in-fort-worth.png, page_title=Ashley Wolffarth | Lifeologie Counselor | Fort Worth, TX, abbreviated_title=LPC, id=2980144645, title=LPC}, {child_photo=https://8544614.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/8544614/Counselor%20Photos/Ami%20Edge/Ami-Edge-child.jpg, add_to_website=Yes, counselor_name=Ami Edge, page_slug=ami-edge, adult_photo=https://8544614.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/8544614/Counselor%20Photos/Ami%20Edge/Ami-Edge-adult.jpeg, page_title=Ami Edge | Lifeologie Counselor | Dallas, TX, id=1283760297, title=Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach}, {child_photo=https://8544614.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/8544614/Counselor%20Photos/Thomas%20Renner/thomas-renner-therapist-in-dallas.jpg, add_to_website=Yes, counselor_name=Thomas Renner, page_slug=thomas-renner, adult_photo=https://8544614.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/8544614/Counselor%20Photos/Thomas%20Renner/thomas-renner-counselor-in-dallas.jpg, page_title=Thomas Renner | Lifeologie Counselor | Dallas, TX, abbreviated_title=Certified Life Coach, id=3525011350, title=Certified Life Coach}]

Psychotherapeutic Yoga

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Yoga therapy differs from traditional yoga in that it addresses psychological and mental health issues, in addition to physical complaints or problems. Based on traditional Hatha yoga science, Lifeologie’s psychotherapeutic yoga therapy focuses on the powerful relationship between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems – eg: the flight or fight response. Our minds and bodies respond to stressors without checking with us to see if the response will help. This leads to a cycle of escalating symptoms, which can be almost impossible to break.

Rather than focusing on fitness-based yoga methods and practices, yoga therapists first assess clients’ emotional and mental health needs through listening, questioning, observing and consultation with the therapeutic team.

Yoga therapists look for ways to help their clients reduce or manage their mental or physical symptoms, improve their functioning and overcome frustrating challenges. After this initial assessment, yoga therapists establish appropriate goals, develop a practice intervention, and then teach clients to practice that intervention. Yoga therapists choose yoga techniques that will specifically benefit individual clients.

Treatment Applications

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • fibromyalgia
  • insomnia
  • body image issues
  • ADHD
  • trichotillomania
  • grief
  • panic attacks

How does Lifeologie help?

Discuss your concerns with our intake specialists.

When you reach out to a Lifeologie, you’ll be connected with one of our Intake Specialists. In a “call center?” No way. Our specialists are each located in their local Lifeologie office and know the counselors well. Their entire job is to learn about you and what you’re looking for and to match you with the counselor who will be the very best fit for your needs and preferences.

Find a counselor that is passionate about helping you reach your mental health goals.

Our counselors are literally the cream of the crop. We get hundreds of applications every year to intern and work at our offices. Lifeologists are counselors, life coaches and overall wellness advocates who are experts and specialists in their craft. At the intern level, they have set themselves apart as incredible learners and collaborators, chasing after the highest-level trainings in the field. From EMDR to nutrition coaching to brain spotting and addiction specialists, we have you covered. Once you enter a Lifeologie office, you’ll find that we’ve carefully curated the environment to feel modern, comfortable and inviting. Counseling at Lifeologie is not your typical counseling experience – in any way.

Receive continuous support and guidance as you go on your mental health journey.

Your counselor at Lifeologie will meet you wherever you are, whether you’re just starting in counseling for the first time ever… or returning to a life-long counseling journey after a brief break. Your Lifeologist will partner with you to meet your goals. As you learn and grow, we can help you focus on overall wellness through mindfulness practices such as Psychotherapeutic Yoga or mindful eating. Wherever you are, we can come alongside and help you move forward!

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Lifeologie Institute was founded in 2000 with one goal in mind — to bring a fresh, innovative approach to the everyday problems of life. Creative solutions to stuck problems. With our unique multi-specialty, collaborative approach, Lifeologie helps individuals and families heal their wounds and break out of old, unhealthy patterns.