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Many couples who contemplate marriage choose pre-marital counseling to ensure that they get off on the right foot. Marriage is tough; why not get a professional’s input right from the beginning? Even the healthiest couples will conflict sometimes. It’s normal to get swept away by the excitement of “happily ever after” and unintentionally allow important issues to slip through the cracks.

Premarital counseling is a tool that helps couples avoid unpleasant surprises and helps to relieve the tension of existing issues. The overarching goal of pre-marital counseling isn’t about avoiding disagreements; it’s about enhancing the quality of your relationship and to strive for lasting marital satisfaction.

Signs and Symptoms

  • financial expectations
  • parenting decisions
  • sexual expectations
  • extended family dynamics
  • religious/cultural differences
  • future goals

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How does Lifeologie help?

Discuss your concerns with our client care team.

When you reach out to Lifeologie, you’ll be connected with one of our intake specialists. In a “call center?” No way. Our specialists are based in our local Lifeologie offices and know the counselors well. Their entire job is to learn about you and what you’re looking for and to match you with the counselor who will be the very best fit for your needs and preferences.

Find a counselor who is passionate about helping you reach your mental health goals.

Lifeologists are counselors, life coaches and overall wellness advocates who are experts and specialists in their craft. From EMDR to nutrition coaching, brain spotting to play therapy, we have you covered. Even our offices are carefully curated to feel modern, comfortable and inviting. Counseling at Lifeologie is not your typical counseling experience – in any way.

Receive continuous support and guidance as you go on your mental health journey.

Your counselor at Lifeologie will meet you wherever you are, whether you’re just starting in counseling for the first time ever… or returning to a life-long counseling journey after a break. Your Lifeologist will partner with you to meet your goals. Wherever you are, we come alongside and help you move forward!


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