Chronic Illness & Pain

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Research has found there is a strong link between emotions and chronic illness or chronic pain. Chronic pain and illness can be linked to elevated stress levels, sleeplessness, depression, suicidal thoughts and grief.

Here’s what we want you to know: these are all very common responses to what you’re going through. These chronic issues are complex as they include components that are biological, psychological and emotional. Treating these symptoms appropriately requires that we adopt a holistic approach, which means we address all of these symptoms as they relate to one another. In fact, current approaches to pain management recommend an integrated and inclusive approach to symptom management.

Another interesting fact: physical pain and emotional pain are processed very similarly by the brain. This new finding in the medical community has led to a deeper understanding of the importance of psychotherapy when managing pain and chronic illness. Individuals who do not address unpleasant emotions may, in fact, experience more physical pain.

At Lifeologie, our therapists are passionate about partnering with your medical team and coordinating to ensure that you’re receiving excellent care and support, both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Signs and Symptoms

  • sadness
  • anxiety
  • grief
  • questions of identity
  • access to resources
  • stress management
  • healthcare barriers
  • hopelessness
  • helplessness

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Discuss your concerns with our intake specialists.

When you reach out to Lifeologie, you’ll be connected with one of our Intake Specialists. In a “call center?” No way. Our specialists are based in our local Lifeologie offices and know the counselors well. Their entire job is to learn about you and what you’re looking for and to match you with the counselor who will be the very best fit for your needs and preferences.

Find a counselor that is passionate about helping you reach your mental health goals.

Lifeologists are counselors, life coaches and overall wellness advocates who are experts and specialists in their craft. From EMDR to nutrition coaching, brain spotting to play therapy, we have you covered. Even our offices are carefully curated to feel modern, comfortable and inviting. Counseling at Lifeologie is not your typical counseling experience – in any way.

Receive continuous support and guidance as you go on your mental health journey.

Your counselor at Lifeologie will meet you wherever you are, whether you’re just starting in counseling for the first time ever… or returning to a life-long counseling journey after a break. Your Lifeologist will partner with you to meet your goals. Wherever you are, we come alongside and help you move forward!


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