Ami Edge

Master's Level Intern, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Supervised by Breanna Galloway, LMSW

Telehealth Available

Get to know Ami

As a Master’s Level Intern and experienced Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Ami works with adults experiencing ADHD, autism, disordered eating/body image, anxiety, stress management, depression, relationship repair, as well as survivors of traumatic experiences such as intimate or domestic partner violence. She enjoys working with individuals, especially teens & young adults, with issues related to adoption and foster care, as well as supporting spouses of military and first responders.

Ami uses an embodied approach of narrative, attachment, regulation-focused, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). In addition, sessions include influences of mindfulness, mindful self-compassion, the Enneagram, and somatic awareness in the body. These all aid in the re-connection of mind and body. She enjoys helping clients realize and enact real lifestyle changes within therapy sessions through encouragement, progress, and accountability.

Ami’s superpower is helping clients construct solid goals, using client strengths, and collaborating with them to cope with overwhelm and help find solutions when stuck. She creates a safe, warm space for clients to access and work through deeply held emotions and beliefs in order to build healthier, meaningful relationships with themselves and others.

As an Integrative Health Nutrition Coach, Ami can pick up where your doctor left off, helping implement strategies suggested by doctors after check-ups or new diagnoses.

Ami is completing her MSW at Baylor University. She practices trauma-informed care, and believes in a holistic approach to mental health and wellness. She also focuses on motivating people to make their wellness goals a reality when they are stuck in unhealthy patterns (I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been there before). Together you will develop sustainable strategies to live a vibrant healthy life, glean new self-awareness, and practice making well-informed choices when it comes to your own personal health.  Most people underestimate the impact of making small changes, but they add up.

When Ami is not working with clients at Lifeologie, she can be found with her husband of 22 years, traveling, walking and yoga-ing at White Rock Lake and spending time outdoors. She also loves to volunteer, teach yoga, and educate teachers on the benefits of “yoga in the classroom” within DISD.

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