Francesca Poole

Master's Level Intern

Supervised by Linda Graham, LPC

Get to know Francesca

Francesca is a Master’s Level Intern who sees children, adolescents, and adults, especially those experiencing anxiety and depression. She is working towards her Registered Play Therapist certification, focusing on early interventions to treat (and prevent) emotional and behavioral disturbances. She also works with adults confronting issues around gender and sexuality, LGBTQIA+ identity, abortion recovery, and codependency

Francesca prioritizes creating an environment of unconditional acceptance, so that each client feels safe, supported, and empowered to come as they are to therapy. She also emphasizes the importance of each client’s ability to experience self-directed positive change. 

Born in the United Kingdom, Francesca moved to America when she was a young girl. This transition kick-started her unique curiosity about learning the ways of the world and how to create safety from within. From a very young age, Francesca has considered herself a lifelong learner and has found passion and great joy in helping others navigate life’s challenges. Still young at heart, Francesca has a pet bunny!