LaToya Anthony

Master's Level Intern

Supervised by Pallavi Sharma, LPC

Get to know LaToya

About LaToya

Born and raised in Michigan, LaToya came to Dallas in 2010, after graduating from Hampton University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. During her time at Hampton, LaToya was involved in various campus activities, that included being a Peer Counselor, Student Conductor, and an administrator in various on campus organizations.

Throughout her career, LaToya has had experience as a Special Needs Advocate and Educator, where she has provided behavior support, tools and resources to families, schools, churches and local businesses within the community that are looking to provide an inclusive environment for their home and establishment.

Counseling Background

With over 15 years of experience, LaToya has collaborated with parents, teachers, therapists, and licensed school and professional counselors to ensure that children who are at-risk, have an intellectual disability, or have personal challenges and are receiving support, from everyday living skills in the home to strategies in managing behaviors in school and in public. Whether it’s counseling, mentoring, tutoring, or simply reading to a class, LaToya wants to inspire children to find hope in what can seem like impossible situations, believe in themselves, and help them find their voice.

While working with children, LaToya has also worked with the adults in that child’s life. This includes parenting strategies, dealing with trauma, grief, and loss. LaToya has a strong desire to see families emotionally healthy, balanced, and whole, by working with them to manage personal behaviors, create safe and positive environments, and learning to work interdependently.

LaToya is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Mental Health Clinical Counseling at Liberty University. In her free time, LaToya enjoys music, writing, theater, arts and crafts, and spending time with her family.