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Get to know Natalie

As a Canadian-born Chinese who has lived in Texas for over 20 years, Natalie’s interest for helping people began in early childhood.  She had a natural curiosity to understand how things worked (especially people!), the ability to identify problems and solutions, and found satisfaction in creating and make a meaningful difference.  Although her strengths and motivations naturally lent themselves to professional counseling, social and cultural expectations propelled her to obtain a Bachelor’s in telecommunications engineering at The University of Texas at Dallas.

She spent nearly a decade working in the tech industry at companies including Cisco Systems where she held positions as a wireless consultant and various other roles. These jobs took her all over the world. That experience allowed her to navigate various cultures both personally and professionally.  While she was thriving professionally, emptiness and dissatisfaction dominated her thoughts and feelings. This eventually led to a complete transformation in identity and subsequently, her career.  With the encouragement and support of her now-husband, she began a new journey that brought her unexpectedly to Dallas Theological Seminary,  where she pursued a Master’s in Biblical Counseling.

Natalie is professionally trained through her studies and volunteer work in marriage enrichment ministries like MarriageCore, Re-Engage, and RelateStrong, as well as completing vision casting and leadership programs from Giftedness Coaching and Entrust.  She learned how to uncover unhealthy life patterns causing relational difficulties, create a safe and nurturing environment to voice, process, and grieve past hurts, and provide tools to untangle life’s knots and better enable growth. She is passionate about helping individuals shape their personal narrative by discovering core strengths, inner virtues, and natural motivations in order to identify, build, and live meaningfully towards a life vision.

Throughout her life experiences, Natalie has wrestled with her own self-worth, anxiety, depression, fear of failure, people pleasing, anger, and emptiness, among other things.  Visual Arts was an emotional outlet and place of refuge during the periods where she was unable to voice her inner world.  She has experienced and, therefore, deeply believes in the transformative power of being truly heard, fully known, and genuinely accepted.  She deeply desires to collaborate with individuals, couples, and families to help them discover and experience the richness and growth that can develop from healthy relationships. 

She is a wife and mother of two, which has produced a rich environment for a life-long learner and counseling student such as herself.  Natalie loves going on adventures with her family and enjoys discovering new foods, cultures, and places with them.