Veronica Cortez

Business Manager

Get to know Veronica

A Dallas native, Veronica is a graduate of Townview Magnet Center, a local high school known for its high-achieving, diverse student population.  About 15 seconds after they handed her a diploma, she headed down I-45 with her eyes set on Houston (um, humidity!! hello??) to pursue a degree in Pharmacy Science at The University of Houston.

After two years of living on her own, she missed her family (and came to her senses about living in Houston) and decided to come back to Dallas.  She landed a job as a pharmacy tech and spent a couple of years with a phone glued to her ear, on hold with insurance companies while being simultaneously kind and patient with feverish, understandably grumpy pharmacy customers.

We consider Veronica’s time behind the pharmacy counter to be the equivalent of Special Forces training.  Anyone who can handle that job can easily handle our paper clip supply problem, our wonderful staff and our amazing clients!  We were lucky enough to snag her as our office manager when she started working on  her degree at UNT.  We've come to rely on her for... well, just about everything.

Veronica holds a BA from the University of North Texas in fashion merchandising and is a first-generation college graduate in her family! Go, Vero!!!  Now our business manager, Veronica is the one who makes it all happen.  She keeps the wheels turning.  We do all we can to keep her happy so she will never leave us.  She's THAT good.

When she's not at LifeWorks, she's enjoying her time with her fiancé, Daniel, and their god-dog, Goliath (yes, OUR Goliath) and spending time with her extended family (Mexican food and margaritas, anyone?)