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Online Support Group for New Moms

This online support group starts Tuesday, December 8 at 6 PM and meets every other week. Participation is limited to 5-10 individuals and recommended for moms who have given birth in the past year.

Group Overview:

Being a new mom is HARD. Like, seriously hard. But guess what? We do not have to navigate this new chapter alone. We’re not meant to! In this new mom support group, we will make space to discuss all things motherhood, including postpartum, the 4th trimester, relational and partner shifts, scary thoughts, out there questions, feeding, mom guilt, balance, coping skills, and more! This is more than a small group, it’s a community to share, process, laugh, cry, and empower one another so we don’t have to struggle alone through all of these big changes.

What to Expect

Join up to nine fellow new moms every other Tuesday to discuss a unique topic, common struggle, feeling, or experience. Discussions will be led by Brittany Taylor and each participant will have the opportunity to share their story or testimony, ask questions, discuss their struggles, and receive affirmation and validation from fellow group members.

Topics include:

  • Post-partum
  • Traumatic birth
  • Intimacy with partner
  • Doubt, shame, and worry
  • Anxiety
  • Judgment and mom-shaming
  • Breastfeeding
  • Daycare
  • Staying at home
  • Change in relationships

Group Details:

Who: New mamas with babies from birth to one year

What: Support group to process and build community

Where: Online via Zoom. We will send out a link prior to each session

When: Every other Tuesday at 6 PM starting December 8

Why: We can’t and don’t have to navigate motherhood alone! Together we can build a community of new moms, be reassured and lifted up, process our thoughts, develop strong coping skills, and embrace the joy and struggle of being a new mom!

Cost: First group is free then it’s $50 for 5 sessions or $15 per group session.

Call (469) 575-0222 or email our team at to reserve your spot in upcoming sessions!