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Caring For Aging Parents

“The Sandwich Generation”

You know that old trees just grow stronger, and old rivers grow wilder every day. Old people just grow lonesome, waiting for someone to say, “hello in there, hello…” – John Prine, singer-songwriter

Aging is a difficult and daunting prospect for all of us, but it’s also inevitable (yes, even in the age of Botox). But it is possible to age gracefully and to ease through the losses as they come.  Don’t forget we’re all aging at EXACTLY the same rate, one day at a time.

Are you caring for someone who is:

  • in the midst of constant loss?
  • dealing with the death of a loved one?
  • leaving life-long careers and activities?
  • losing the ability to drive?
  • losing acuity in vision and/or hearing?
  • showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia?

Are You Experiencing Signs Of:

  • depression
  • bereavement
  • grief and loss
  • caregiver burnout

For those of us in the sandwich generation, elder care and caring for aging parents while raising children of our own, it’s difficult to know how to be available for the elders in our lives. What do they need from us, and how can we muster the energy to help?

We can help you:

  • identify the nature of the loss and validate its personal impact
  • fearlessly inventory the emotional impact of the loss
  • talk about sensitive and difficult aging-related issues
  • allow your loved one time to move through the emotions
  • be open to help from others and seek professional help if the process seems to be bogging down
  • seek new ways to direct and focus your loved one’s energy and interest into new, available directions
If we all face aging with creativity and hope, many of its challenges are no more difficult than any other struggle we face throughout life.  Old trees do grow stronger.  So can we.