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Uncoupling Support Group for Black Women

Going through a traumatic breakup or divorce is one of the most difficult, painful things any of us experience. One of the hardest parts is the feeling of isolation many people going through bad breakups feel.

Of course, friends and family care, but they often don’t know how to help you. They don’t understand that sometimes, you can’t stop thinking about your Ex, that you’re consumed with mixed feelings, and that it feels impossible to move on, even though you want to. Whether you’re going through a breakup or a difficult divorce, this group provides compassionate support that helps you move forward. Every week you’ll connect with other Black Women and find compassionate support. Our convenient online video format lets you meet with the group from the privacy of your own home, wherever in the world you are. We know breaking up is hard to do, and we’re here to help support you! You’re not alone. Enroll in our online breakup support group, and let the healing begin.

Samara Brown, LCMHCA will serve as the group leader. Please let Samara know if you have any additional questions. Her email is, or you can contact us via phone!

Group Details:

July 6th 12PM – 1PM

How much: FREE

Where: Online

RSVP: Via email: